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Lizards and Nazis . If only they worked alone… Some hopeful news from my town, Salt Lake City, Utah. YES! It also brings to mind moderate progressive-liberals in the US. A guy dressed as Jesus showed up and blessed the gathering. Reading down – ah such a familiar ring! He means mankind’s destiny. Writer(s): Badarou Waliou Jacques Daniel, Gould Philip Gabriel, King Mark. By Oliver Sack s. February 4, 2019. Enough that YT deleted his channel though he’s long established at Bitchute. I think it makes sense to people who have been using it for a long time, so the complexity was incremental for them. Maybe in his alcohol- and coke-fuelled dreams he sees the pitchforks. Whether these presented individuals even exist is something I don’t automatically assume. This is not a new age, Marx was very familiar with this story over 150 years ago, it’s still called class struggle. Either bribed, coerced or blackmailed. And as long as we’re tossing garbage into the Memory Hole portal of the dustbin of history, don’t forget the obnoxious “-gate” suffix. Protecting the economy is far more important than the flu. Yep. There is soot upon the leaves She looks like my wife’s mate except she got off her arse and protested. Whether they in fact are or do serve the whole is a matter of the discernment of the heart, which arises from a true willingness to open communication. I do feel like I’m missing something though, I have no idea how else to find out about protests. Public displays of affection to the max! Same thing—a fire hose washed all three monkeys over to the side of the cage. I don’t do Facebook anymore, and maybe the Alzheimers are kicking in on me, so I will go upstairs to find her Brilliant Book and her name…I might even do a photo of it…, “IT’S ALL IN MY HEAD: How to Survive a Brain Tumour and Find Peace of Mind”,, Never seen nor heard of her before…but She is a Rock Star… Forget AI, it’s oligarchs and concentrations of power and wealth that you should worry about. Too much yang will revert naturally to yin. I truly apologize but please let me know how I insulted you? It’s got the measure right hasn’t it? Only those who degrade themselves will be allowed to approach the levers of power. If a vulnerable person with mental health issues, who is forced to self-isolate against their will following a positive PCR test succumbs to suicide, who is culpable? AZLyrics. “The machine is much, but it is not everything.”. This is before the full subjugation and capabilities of the machine are revealed to the reader. In E.M Forster’s “The Machine Stops” introduces a utopian type society. He’s Totalitarian. Nice proverb. It wasn’t on the label What from then, would you project to the future. Phew! She knew there was something wrong. So many concerned citizens worried that their loved ones are going over to the dark side! why do you persist in fouling the comments with your inane drunken ramblings, when sober you can be quite perspicacious and somewhat interesting. What from then, would you project to the future ? Ground zero Parliament Square. he laughs at sheep and counts pound coins. Have looked at the clinical trials though and it’s grim. The Story. t’s been very interesting to hear from you and I. Christmas crackers is what’s the word crackers. This is why people’s peccadilloes cannot be ignored in regular politics, while being elevated to an untouchable sainthood of debauchery via identity politics. Hence ‘parable’. Buy The Machine Stops (Penguin Modern Classics) by Forster, E M from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. There is nothing inherently dangerous about AI & Technology, they are benign, it is how they are used that is important. The point once again, is to save the biggest wasted of public money this country has which is the NHS.”. If you want a bit more detail on that bald statement, I would start by admitting that the observation of all animals, insects and birds shows that the group transference of significant experience, whether instantaneous, or handed down through generations, is clearly a highly sophisticated, and powerful, phenomenon. A social dismantling. this COVID medical hysteria must be stopped by medics as it is they who gives such crap credibility aura. OR he might have been influenced by his experience during WWII. The masks don’t filter those toxic particles out. I know I Know her, but it is stil a great book…Its kind of written like a Schoolgirls Diary. Vaccination. I am in the Northeast US, where masks are gleefully embraced.. people still wearing them while alone on the sidewalk or in cars, even (especially) the elderly. I am determined to see my Mother-in-Law for Christmas.. She is a Total Angel – Heart of Gold just like her Eldest Daughter (she says to me in a quiet whisper…. “Then, I ask, what’s the point of this? You are welcome to join my team and I in one of our new NHS Dance Videos! Tony, of course he has a say in the matter. I want to have a conversation with you, not a masked up zombie..who’s words i cannot hear nor understand unless you take your mask off. Real big shocker that there are flu cases at the start of the flu season , Just to contribute as there also a link to the open letter of HE Vigano to Mr.Trump and not only. upside down, my last comments only show on my computer funny that Though not religious, I find the Garden of Eden fable relevant. It’s like betting on a racehorse, and, when it loses the race, you just have a rerun, increasing the dose of amphetamines and steroids until it wins… Hi Ort, we all need to keep posting to spread the message! One day, the zookeeper drafted one of the monkeys for another exhibit and replaced him with a new monkey. Come and join in the fun, hospitals are like empty fair grounds during lockdowns and are great to play around in. Furthermore, travel is allowed but often avoided and unnecessary. Great reset be damned. It is then that I will inform the officer that it has to be the wonderful Cedar of Lebanon whose branches stretch out in horizontal waves of stunning beauty. What does he have to be arrogant about when he has been wrong about everything his entire career? Often when I return to OffG after going to a fellow commenter’s link the screen is filled with a large yellow star – so large that I cannot see it in its entirety. Come 2nd December Witless and Unbalanced will no doubt trot out some more wildly faked figures. In 1909, a year after Edward Morgan forester’s third novel »room with a view, his dystopian narrative appeared for the first time under the original title »the machine stops« in the November issue the oxford and Cambridge reviews magazine. MRSA etc). Simply, with each new trick, a proportion of the populace gets distracted, and a number of distractions of different kinds results in loss of a critical mass of people that can counteract effectively. No virologists that aren’t holding stock in vaccines. There is a type of post that appears every so often on Reddit. Cars won’t even be able drive on our roads truly autonomously for at least another 20 years and even then they may as well be on rail tracts because of the dedicated infrastructure they will need to stay safe, but we will live in a dictatorship long before then. The Machine Stops is a concept album by space rock band Hawkwind, released on 15 April 2016.It is inspired by the E.M. Forster short story of the same name.It is Hawkwind's twenty-ninth studio album, Hawkwind's first album recorded without the involvement of Tim Blake since 2010's Blood of the Earth and the first to feature bassist Haz Wheaton. I have only been back twice. The coronavirus, the NHS and public health in general are simply a cover. Where do you live? They can possess physical properties such as uniformity, conductance or special optical properties that make them desirable in materials science and biology, Then, I ask, what’s the point of this? Suspended at the top if the cage was a bunch of bananas. No, they just bleat, moan and groan. Has he been completely Brainwashed to hate his Mum? For this lockdown to be justified on the basis of a computer model from Ferguson and imperial college London who have no credibility left as they are always sensationally wrong is an insult to the people of England. Richard I had the misfortune for years and years to work with the NHS. In fact it strikes me as I type that we’re really talking about two things going in opposite directions: Therefore, individuals are isolated and packed into small beehive­like structures underground. I don’t think this sits at all rightly with him. Only that evening did I learn about the whole “Floyd-Chauvin” grotesquerie, and I thought, You’ve gotta be kidding me. During the new lockdown we are all excited and fired up for another round of singing and dancing our way through the long days of boredom – just like we did during the first lockdown. I have lost count of how many and how often the number of rules / laws I have broken. Let’s keep it all on an emotional level, and distort any unwelcome “facts” as we see fit, because we’re so balls deep in promoting the evil covid fraud, there’s no going back. OTOH, some people here seem to think that the longer their comments are, the more time we will actually spend reading them. “Kate Shemirani live interview on Camelot TV Network with John and Irina Mappin”. Yeah, but the mythical monkeys actually were tortured by the hose. It’s a masquerade: China seems discomfited by Sweden’s success with “covid”. He was interviewed recently on BBC’s Life Scientific , came across as quietly arrogant in my opinion. it would seem that hardly anyone knows you are a project But not so weird it ignores the Mask as a symbol of social acceptance. One explanation for this comes from Rudolf Steiner, who often mentioned that animals have a “group soul”, which encompasses large numbers of individual animals. I just saw a news headline that said some large percentage of people have called Election Day the most stressful day of their lives! They see depopulation as human husbandry ; pruning their garden( not ours). The rules are strictly for other people, which is how he sleeps at night. The Biden story also leads place no one wants to go. This is “release and step back”. Take a look at the slides which accompanied yesterday evening’s announcement here: They calmly assert that Sweden has overall been a “disaster” with its policy, when clearly the opposite is true (because closing down an economy when there is no proven threat is to be applauded) . I have been challenged just a few times about not wearing a mask. Ex CIA: Scorecard Program Reliably Steals Elections, She never let on. Now, you don’t have to be of a religious nature to see the importance of this letter. The lockdown in France is not because of the spread of CV-19 but because Macron really is up against it, really up against it. The PCR Test measures RNA not CV-19. What better example to see their machinations in motion. It’s all good though, because the BBC now have a spokesperson from the “Disinformation Unit” wading in regularly to keep everyone “informed” and on high alert for conspiracy theorists in their ranks, maybe a family member is now a “problem” because they have started using the brain God has blessed them with and they no longer have any faith in the criminals at the BBC. The conditioning for avoidance of human intimacy. He looks very guilty as he knows he’s going to destroy millions of lives. How about peculiarly malleable science? With Yvonne Mitchell, Michael Gothard, Nike Arrighi, Jonathan Hansen. Most will give it because they fear a global economical collapse( too late it’s happened already) and the uncertainty of being put in a domestic ( or eventually real) prison and walking about in health – damaging masks. So it’s just as well we are then supplied with a link to a psychologist who will “get to the bottom of the person’s legitimate concerns”. read online The Machine Stops pdf. Which is, of course, the Exact opposite of what is being ‘ordered’. But banning the purchase of Christmas crackers is what’s the word crackers. If you can infect many of those 87 y.o. The devolving of physical relationships and whole societies, up against an accelerating, digitalized, virtual world is not a social dilemma. They picked themselves up, shook themselves off and hoped the sun would come out to warm them up. Theirs will too. Now look at us humans: It is usually (supposedly) an 18 or so year old who has just got out of custody of their “crazy anti-vaxxer mom” – they are all grown up and have just got all their vax for the first time, and want everyone to congratulate them for overcoming their imbecile mom or dad, becoming woke, and for surviving all their jabs. It does indeed beggar belief. The Machine Stops. Is it the same as the first lockdown? All manipulation. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. Is their no Resistance, except from The Scousers.. Utah is a conservative state, but Salt Lake City is not. But the 00.01% don’t. tavistock or AI twatters like legend tony 1 comment gets 20 up ticks next 15 down, cats playing with the mices Well hey, if you’re a limerick writer and you like haiku, you’ve already got your foot in the door with poetry. But they seem content when I say I am exempt. It’s the reason why I distanced myself from the environmental movement. It’s also stubborn apparently. Any visitors to my house I tell them no mask is needed She had her Breast’s Cut Off. A week later, well yes, he had gone a bit bald, he was taking his 4 kids swimming. You are correct in saying the only way to stop this is to protest and refuse to comply. It’s abstract. I did have a Paddington the other day. Their clever acolytes reinforce their delusions. Fort VII near Poznań, which made him “fully realize the complete inhumanity of the Nazis”. I was told there was no surgery consultation at all and that the earliest I could get telephone consultation was the 20th October. Directed by Philip Saville. Visualisation: in one corner of the ring we have a kakistocracy that can hardly stand on its legs. Free download or read online The Machine Stops pdf (ePUB) book. Speaking of formal poetry: a few years back, the local Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company got into trouble for accidently distributing batches of ice cream containing eggs, but failing to list “eggs” on the label. It tells, in a few brush-strokes, the story of a son and his mother in a world, far in the future, where humans on the whole planet live in sterilised and isolated cells underground, that they rarely leave. I watched Boris’ 3 1/2 minute presser twice- once with and once without sound to confirm what I thought I was seeing though there’s no way to truly confirm this speculation I suppose. The point once again, is to save the biggest wasted of public money this country has which is the NHS.”,,,,,, Those lucid humans may do something remarkable. Johnson can’t sack Whitty or Vallance. I was raised in Las Vegas by leftists, my grandfather was a democrat Nevada state senator. It is, in fact, criminally not okay. Of course the resistance will grow. I don’t understand what the new rules if any are. I would be more interested in watching someone on the toilet. From the article in that last link (The Independent): Neil Tennant, a former Labour donor who has stopped giving money to and voting for Labour because of ID cards, says: “My specific fear is that we are going to create a society where a policeman stops me on the way to Waitrose on the King’s Road and says, ‘Can I see your identity card?’ I don’t see why I should have to do that.” Tennant says he may leave the country if a compulsory ID card comes into force. What we do after The Machine stops will be very telling. "The Machine stops." SI units: 1×10−9 m; 1×103 pm. A masturbatory hive culture?×0-c-default.jpg. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to this cheerful short story. We have the lowest number of ICU beds. This FAQ is empty. Interesting point of view. Wetherspoons was buzzing with nothing but anger, real white hot anger at this second lockdown. Freedoms include the right to control one’s health and body (for example, sexual and reproductive rights) and to be free from interference (for example, free from torture and non-consensual medical treatment and experimentation). Kuno and Vashti, have differing opinions about the world which they live in and their interaction and conflict as their society comes to a sudden collapse. For the children lost their way It made me a bit weak- as if I had a mild flu, and I was a bit deaf in one ear – but I fixed that -with ear drops from Asda – mainly urea (piss) and hydrogen peroxide – blondes use it..and it bubbled in my ear – loosening the ear wax, most of which came out on my wifes pillow as I was cuddling her in my sleep…. Rebooting The Machine. Yet nothing is being done to force them to open their doors again. But when politicians do it, something is very wrong. Who want you to choke while they obsess about carbon dioxide that you cannot feel – while diesel particulates and monoxide you certainly can. Beware the false allies: The comments are all full of people praising them for being so smart and having the courage to go against their parents. No more live music, no more theatre etc. Especially since the very existence of such particles is denied. Plus they have a juicy pension to take care of, so can’t risk that, even if it the price is the death of freedom. It’s as though they have the destructive part but forgot they need to account for having the constructive part (on their terms of course) and now they need to buy some time. Chinese blackmail is now the least damaging revelation. In Wales we have this strange sight of goods that are taped off. I tried to skip the intro been watching it for about 10 mins. The reason I took early retirement is because I couldn’t stand it anymore. But the scam by the elite who perpetrate the DBDR broadcast is eventually rumbled and ARORA is destroyed. Happily, this ISN’T the last word on the matter. Kuno and Vashti, have differing opinions about the world which they live in and their interaction and conflict as their society comes to a sudden collapse. I was baffled and insulted by maxine’s comment! , Exactly Ort. Of course there will be resistance. Pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops will close, along with entertainment and leisure venues – including gyms – as well as hairdressers and beauty salons”. I was walking around Vegas once with my video game addicted husband at the time. When the government closed children’s play grounds I did not think it would get any more stupid. Not gonna tell us that Hawkwind had an album with this title ? Visiting my brother for his birthday I must have broken at least 3 or 4 rules/laws. Now we see why there was a full court press to defend the Podestas and Comet Ping Pong. sad. He looks to me both frightened and very tired. None of this occurs without massive funding. They’re desperate to cause mass death in Africa/South Asia/Latin America and when they achieve it, they’ll turn and say “yeah we told them to stop having so many babies”. Well, not you so much as the others. I tell them there is no need for a mask. FWIW, I know it’s beside the point, but it didn’t occur to me to think of the monkeys as “silly”. What I took from it wasn’t just a concern for dependence on technology but more vital, at least to myself, was the denial of what it means to be human. Eventually they decided he wasn’t compliant enough and stopped trying to get him to interview. To me, therefore, it really doesn’t seem too far-fetched to picture a future time when our actual thinking will have evolved into something different from what it is now, and personal insight into the deep workings of reality will replace the sleep-walking state which some people think constitutes ‘awareness’ today. The machine mind is a mechanical conditioning reaction to judgement that literally know not what it does, but is predicated to a locked-down split off, distanced and masked under tyrannous narrative or mythic identity. If you do, the story is included in this Penguin edition of Forster’s short stories.. Two related resources: The late neurologist Oliver Sacks reflects on Forster’s story and contemporary digital culture: “The Machine Stops” The saturation of the collective psyche with language and framing such as “tech for good” is strategic, a key method and means of obtaining the social license required for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the “great reset.” The “watch dogs” put forward as reassurance to assuage a growing anxiety, thus a growing threat of backlash, serve not society, but the hand that feeds. But here comes the Hollywood movie retribution bit. Just writes what he feels like – our participation is not required. “Shut up” and capitulate that’s the symbolism behind the mask. Summary of the machine stops. I was out and about in town today, people are really very very angry, not a mask in sight with the exception of three elderly people. At the very core of the eugenicists goal is the propaganda supported by pseudo- science and fake data that genetics is what produces what they perceive as ‘undesirable’ types. Masks assist in dehumanising the human body. It also has an 80% false positive rate. The people live in their own individual octagonal cells which are all identical to each other. After the fiasco of the first lockdown Ferguson should have been arrested and Sage disbanded. That’s why I mention that we are not monkeys. Hmm no. The following definition of nano particle is from nature dot com : Nanoparticles are particles that exist on a nanometre scale (i.e., below 100 nm in at least one dimension). Unlike the Guardian we are NOT funded by Bill & Melinda Gates, or any other NGO or government. Sweden is STILL below 6,000 recorded covid deaths, using the same bent system as they use over here, and of course we know the death toll is a complete fraud anyway. How are our Grandkids going to learn how to swim??? It isn’t to save the planet – it’s to save humanity. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. “They are tales of sinister plots – supposed plans to implant microchips in the world’s population and kill and enslave billions. The Machine Stops. Flu has all but disappeared, we are also learning, and it doesn’t matter if patients have respiratory symptoms or not anyway, it’s all about the manipulation of the death certificate, to get covid on the death certificate, and inflate the numbers, come what may, and they’ve changed the law of the land to facilitate this, just for covid, in the Coronavirus Bill. i exist here when using mine The second half of short-story double is The Machine Stops, by EM Forster. Glad to hear that….I voted for Jill too….Again, voted Green 2020….Trump shouldn’t get credit for anything but neither should Joe Biden…. we at the rockerfella skank zio foundations, full myspace face visualization freedumb is close, after we flatten the curve again and again What’s the point. Similarly, “Do not use this technology for evil!” makes it all but impossible not to use it for evil. But the 00.01% have the magic; the guns; the book of rules and ‘regs’. Thank you. And the fact that we have been directed to a psychologist indicates that we have no MATERIAL concerns. Every year there are winter pressures and every year the NHS fail to divert financial resources from their significant £145bn of public money to open more beds, more wards and build more capacity. The mind that defines in order to possess and control is ‘unconsciously biased’ and believes such a mind of judgement is necessary and right. Two people live in a dark technological utopia/dystopia - "the Machine". They seem to be lumping the flu in as CV-19 cases too so they are desperately trying to make something huge out of something that is virtually non existent. But masks are also bad for you and bad for US. It burns in silence behind a veil of willful blindness. Get out there. And how can something created in “evil” ever be expected to accomplish “good?”. It’s all in our minds. You maniacs! The Machine Stops is a short science fiction story. How’s that for selfless devotion to the people of the country…! FACT: We have the lowest number of acute beds in the developed world by quite a significant margin in fact. Well indeed, these points are the same that O-G has been making for quite some time….I’m not out to fault you….Each to his/her own….But I’ve gotten some really nasty comments here because I’ve chosen to take some precautions. It’s a global coup. This, to disguise their hatred of the lower classes. If that’s the case, then in a perverse sort of way those who wear their masks everywhere like good little sheep might actually be extending their lives by breathing in less in the way of climate altering particles. Wow. When I see people with a mask on it reminds me of that film “Alien” where they have this “thing” stuck on their face…. We need now to follow our fellow European and worldwide counterparts get out onto the street en masse and really demonstrate as the Italians and the French, Germans and many other countries are. He’s RIGHT about man’s irredeemable nature! Not a lot of choice there is there? And now….will another injured reminder be bound for transport, or will the old word suffice – and raise us to answer. Their scientific and analytical skills are seriously lacking. One of the great things that’s happening is that tribal politics and religion is taking a back seat as people focus their outrage on the genocide that is being carried out before us. – for themselves. Very few of us will make it into the clean shiny green world of the Great Reset and those that do get there, will likely end up wishing they hadn’t. I always come late to comments threads, and often experience the bittersweet phenomenon of finding that someone else has posted several comments that I might’ve posted had I arrived earlier. Then lo and behold, it’s an interview with none other than Neil Ferguson, who is standing by his predictions of the apocolypse, even though he is now in the running to overtake Tony Blair as the biggest bullshitting cnut the world has ever witnessed, ruining the lives of millions and billions of people with his fraudulent activity. . “I can’t breathe,” shuts down and appropriates the most obvious slogan against masks. 'O Machine!' Yes you have made a good point about the election. Get a large group of Wetherspoon’s clientele. It’s worse than that, it’s about the Great Reset, which itself is cover for massive depopulation. Your “hopeful news” comes right out of Trump Country….You sound like a big fan. I don’t know if this is accurate – and I don’t care. The only opposition and dissent is coming from an ever growing number of Tory backbenchers. You don’t get to be Queen Victim In Chief – or King Whose Dalliances Shall Not Be Mentioned — while also using the self-same below-the-belt techniques to secure dominance in regular politics. But I see little push back and to may believing the covid story. I agree, Boris looks frightened to death. They seem instantly relieved and once inside the house are relaxed. Our official propaganda outlet obviously thought they had a ‘coup’ story with Kate Shemirani’s estranged son. This explains what we know about the rituals of Skull and Bones. We do no need right to refuse to be experimented on but hard unequivocal prohibition of such practice so no one is ever asked to be guinea pig under whatever noble or frightening narratives. And what if the Machine Stops? He was very seriously ill. The problem I have is, if this is meant to be the ‘saviour’ that will bring that fictitious R level down, then I must necessarily assume that from 2nd December, Job Done, that all restrictions should be lifted and life return to normal. (2009). She is 87 years old now, and lives alone in her own home, and I am dying to see her again. Thanks! More important than the “Damn you all to Hell!” monologue, is Zaius’s observation right before it. "The Machine is stopping, I know it, I know the signs." once, it was the hands that commanded the tools that generated the noise…then came the machines repetitive clatter, the hand disarmed to little more than a silent assistant….body impoverished, and minds modified….but, before natures connection was weakened, a message was attached to the collapsing precipice. In the far future, the material needs of humankind are tended by the omnipresent Machine, which makes their environment, in vast tunnels beneath the earth, comfortable and safe.

Der Medicus Teil 2 Im Tv, Mauerpark Berlin Heute, Haus Kaufen Bremen Ohne Makler, Polizei Brandenburg Corona, Restaurant Heilbronn Offen, Stichling Raubfisch Oder Friedfisch, Hotel Waidmannsheil Dodenau Speisekarte, Zeitmaße Online üben, Restaurant Sachs Volkach, Tonkabohne Kaufen Spar, Steuerklasse Nach Heirat Ab Wann Gültig, Pille Verändert Persönlichkeit,