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Julie learned to knit at the age of four. Striking and unique for going out wear. Kirsten Kapur loves designing knitwear because it helps her draw on her construction skills while playing with fibers and the endless palette of colors. About: Electric SheepElectric Sheep (mostly) knitting podcast, which ran from 2009 until 2014. So much knitting goodness to watch and listen to. What We Love: Mimi Codd Makes has lots to offer on her blog. So glad you enjoy my post, lots of fabulous inspiration to found for your knitting journey. What We Love: The blog covers the latest happenings on the farm which are a lovely read. Cheers Jodie . Thanks very much for the suggestions. Previously the Podcast was known as Woolful. Rachel is sharing patterns to give both experienced and novice knitters the chance to create socks that are beautiful and wearable, while being enormously enjoyable to knit. She love sharing inspirational knitting and crafty ideas. Join them for their twice monthly chats. Julie created her blog about her life, living with an autistic son and knitting. There is much to explore on her site as well as her shop. As a leading publisher, a team of talented designers to bring other people the latest trends in all crafting categories. Her writing is engaging and enjoyable. The knitwear patterns are fun and super cool. Down to earth and full of fun. Hence the name of her Podcast and Blog – The Knitting Expat. What We Love: CC and Dami have a very active Ravelry Group and encourage their members to introduce themselves to be shout out on their podcast episodes. What We Love: Brittany’s podcast is mostly about crochet but on occasion there is something about her knitting adventures. Even though I don’t know GG personally, she feels like family. Rendez-vous tous les dimanches à 17 heures pour suivre leur aventure en Erasmus à Zagreb ! About: Cottage NotebookThe Cottage Notebook is an Irish craft & lifestyle blog and podcast based on Ireland’s east coast. Find The Gift of Knitting on Twitter | Instagram. Using Mindful Making as a way to balance out the chaos of an unpredictable life. Another suggestion, thank you Jenifer , Hi Jenifer thanks very much for the suggestion . About: Smells Like Yarn PodcastRoss the host of Smells Like Yarn Podcast has a passion for yarn and knitting. Beth was influenced by her Mum, Grandma and Aunties who were all knitters. Her animations featuring her knitted miniature knitted characters are super fun to watch. What We Love: Glitzy and glamorous knitwear designs to be found on this site. What We Love: Mad Man Knitting specializes in Knitting teddy bears and has created gorgeous patterns for knitted animals and bears. We are so glad that some of your lovely readers told us about you. I’m popping in with a fun fall-inspired cookie recipe today that’s been on repeat in this house. What We Love: Paula shares her life stories and knitting adventures on her podcasts. This list of wonderful, hardworking knitting bloggers is just getting better and better, thanks to lovely readers like you. Find Wool Warehouse Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Thanks so much for getting in touch and all of your suggestions to improve this post. What We Love: Jasmin shares her life stories, fabulous parenting tips and the knitting projects she has on the go. About Harlem Purls: Harlem Purl is Knitaholic with a yarn stash that never seems to dwindle no matter how much she knits! What We Love: Although not currently recording podcasts, there is plenty of knitting goodness to be found in her archives. While I’ve known the basics of knitting for a very long time, it wasn’t until more recently that I’ve actually decided to get back into knitting. Great to see even more wonderful, hard working bloggers getting some exposure. What We Love: Artic Knitting Podcast episodes are about once a month and feature Emilies lovely Norweigian knitting adventures. She is a full-time knitwear designer, teacher, translator & technical editor. If you love to travel, you will be interested in her Knitting Expat Vlogs that focus on her travels. His illustrations and his own designs are great. She also shares her gorgeous knitting patterns. About: Katie Writes StuffThis site was the original site where Katie shared about her life, knitting and sewing adventures. Her patterns are gorgeous. It was a pleasure to feature Karen Templer and her blog. What We Love: The Yarn Thing Podcast is available as audio or video on her Youtube channel. link in bioooo ! We will be sure to take a look. In recent years she has been working on a new book that features the designs of her students inspired by her own patterns. What We Love: A Really Good Yarn is a fun and interesting blog to read. They feature their latest events, helpful tips and what’s on offer in their shop. Woolly is passionate about textiles and designing hats. What We Love: Fibernymph Dye Works is a small, family owned and operated yarn and fiber dyeing business. What We Love: It is always a pleasure to read about someone’s knitting journey and Steph’s is no exception. Hi, I’ve just recently got into knitting, a wonderful blogger is Jennifer {at} Brome Fields. There is always something on her needles and I particularly love her updates about the nature that surrounds her. CONCOURS LES GARS aujourd’hui il a fait mega chaud mais c’est une trop bonne journée. .Knit Om was born from a desire to share what she has learnt about the therapeutic benefits of knitting and meditation. Find Drea Renee Knits on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. About:Knit.fmA podcast that was hosted by talented knitwear designers Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen. She has a great variety of tutorials available too. What We Love: The segments on The Knitting By The Sea podcast feature Lisa’s projects, Meet the designer, different types of yarn and fabulous patterns. Monica documents her love for wool, knitting and spinning. What We Love: You can always learn something new here because it has step-by step photo tutorials and free patterns too! GG is a warm, transparent spirit who shares knitting as a therapeutic part of her daily life. Wei Siew’s projects are gorgeous and what she shares about the different yarns Wei is very helpful and informative. They also do sewing, arts & crafts, cooking and baking. Another wonderful, hard working knitting blogger added to the list. Kristy attends knitting events and some of her episodes feature these. Here’s to my beginning. She likes posting her very own designed knits to share her passion for knitting and also as a way of documenting her knitting projects and sharing them with others. Plenty of knitting goodness to choose from. Her blog posts often contain her journey through life and the successes and challenges she experiences. So there you go, plenty of great knitting blogs to inspire you. Thanks for your recommendation Val. The collections of patterns they create are stunning. About: Geeky Girls KnitCC and Dami host the Geeky Girls Knit podcast. Room Tonic. What We Love: A Yarn Shop For Wool and Knitting Supplies UK has their own hand dyed yarns. They are all lovely and feature many different styles and techniques. Each month 10% of knitspot proceeds goes to an organisation committed to world improvement. Although Katie is no longer uploading videos, there is a wealth of information on Vintage knits if that’s your passion too. So good to know that knitting bloggers find inspiration in each other. She then started to blog for her to share to everyone her talent and knowledge in knitting. Her site has plenty of articles on other topics too! For anyone who fancies learning new skills from professional crafters and knitters, they’re called Les Soeurs Anglaises and this is their website : What We Love: Chic Knits Knit Blog features the updates on some of the designs Bonnie creates. What We Love: Small Things has a Yarn Along where every Wednesday Ginny shares her current knitting project alongside whatever she happens to be reading. What We Love: My Sister’s Knitter yarn looks amazing and their patterns are also stunning. Find Fringe Association on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Hi Jenifer. Find Elizabeth Smith Knits on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest. What We Love: Knit Collage has gorgeous patterns and yarn. What We Love: They each have a great sense of humor and a passion for knitting, that shines through their podcasts. About Underground Crafter: Marie Segares is a crochet and knitting blogger, designer, podcaster, and teacher. The fibers for her yarns are sourced from organic farmers and then the yarn is treated with a GOTS certified organic process to make it washable without coating it in chemicals and polymers. Find The Wool Nest on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. She is more active on Instagram as a way to share her designs and current projects and finished objects. : The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks. She loves to see beginners learn through watching her tutorials on her blog. We’re Brisbane’s most stylish source of lifestyle, fashion, food and beauty news, showcasing what’s hot, what’s new and what's on in Brisbane, Queensland, the country and the world while still celebrating everything homegrown. What We Love: Yarn Harlot is where you can read about interesting life experiences and stories of knitting woven in. This list will be continually improved based on readers favorites. She helps knitters and crafters get inspired by sharing modified knitting projects, round-ups of craft ideas and recipes, and reflections on the crafting life. They have a wonderful time sharing all their knitting goodness. She loves to explore different techniques in her knitting design. Find Natalie Warner on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. What We Love: There are stunning patterns to look through on Anna’s site. Kelly loves to travel, write and of course knit. What We Love: Lot of patterns, yarns to choose from. Vous les…” Julie loves cozy knits, international travel and cooking. She offers her own patterns on the site and she has also published a book on Beaded Lace Knitting. Find Sister Mountain on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. About: London Loop Knit LoungeLoop London is a textile emporium in London. Hi Gaye., Hi Marni. Find A Kingfisher Morning on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. Browse her posts and you will be sure to find something you will enjoy. nvolved in the entire journey of fiber and fabric – from sourcing and preparation to its transformation across a range of textile activities –spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving, construction, dyeing and embellishment. Would love to see Clara Parkes’ Knitters Review, which does indispensable reviews of yarn and tools, and Indie Untangled, which is a great resource for discovering and learning more about indie dyers. Jessica’s designs are modern and very doable. Ici c'est un blog basé sur Zoé Tondu ♥ Youtubeuse de mode, beauté et lifestyle :) Youtubeuse depuis le 1 sept. 2010 Vous trouverez sur mon blog les "news" de Zoé ♥ Merci de votre visite ! Un cocktail simple et frais pour l’été. Just wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU! Be sure to tell us your favorites , Hi Juanita, thanks for sharing your favorite. The title The Knitting Doctor comes from the fact that she is a physician specializing in internal medicine. A real feast for the eyes. AVG Comments 8,177.55. There are some great patterns to browse. They both share their current WIPs and what’s going on in their lives. However, she also dabbles in crochet and embroidery. Her work is always issue-based. Her website’s aim is to “offer mindful knitting as a mind-body practice that provides comfort amid suffering, enables recovery when possible, and alleviates loneliness and despair when full recovery isn’t possible.”, What We Love: The e-newsletters that Becky creates are full of fascinating articles that focus of all sorts of knitting goodness and mindful. What We Love: Vickie Howell Blog is determined to motivate people to live creatively and live by being creative. About: Knit With AttitudeKnit with attitude is a small independent shop that specialises in eco-friendly and ethical yarn and accessories for knitting and crocheting. So thanks for your contribution. Her video tutorials on creating socks are super helpful. What We Love: She has posts on her current reads, and her knitting projects. She is very active on Instagram. In her High School years she started designing. What We Love: Jane Richmond is a designer dedicated to providing cleanly written patterns that are easy to read and follow, and crisp photography. Dayana’s blog will tell you how to fit it, modify it, colorr it, texturize it, chop it, save it and most importantly, wear it. Both are passionate about the knitwear industry and have published a number of Knitting Technique books. Find Indie Untangled on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. There are a whole team of creative people that make Mason and Dixon what it is today. Claudia is a passionate knitter and baker and she’s been blogging since 2007. She aims to promote the diversity of creators. Série Léna situations 2017 d'une durée d'environ 10mn sorti le 08/12/2017 d'environ 288.080 Milles de vues au moment de partage sur Skyrock Mary is a coffee addict, crocheter, knitter, etsy lover and sweatpants lover. Her designs are inspired by the amazing landscape of where she lives. These sound like great additions to the list. This is soooo awesome! What We Love: The diverse knitters featured on Donna’s blog give you an insight to what knitting means to so many different people. She loves fiber and texture and is always challenging herself to come up with new colors and spinning techniques. About West Knits: Stephen loves to designs wild and bold creations including shawls, sweaters and so much more. Brooklyn Tweed supports domestic textile production that surrounds the USA. Ginny’s photography is stunning and her posts are delightfully engaging. He loves to talk about his knitting projects, sometimes crochet but mostly about knitting. Find The Craft Sessions on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest. As their idea blossomed and grew, they were joined by others who added to the mix. Find Tanis Fiber Arts on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest. Bethany’s blog is a step by step site of tutorials. She aims to design patterns that are both fun and easy to make, with easy and clear instructions and bright joyful colors. Lilia. Many of these were featured in various Interweave’s knitting magazines, as well, so are from top designers in the industries! Ma montre est le modèle « la garçonne » de @cluse c’est une nouveauté. Her online shop Agrestal Yarn has lovely choices of yarn. Find Knitting Board Blog on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube. Andrea is a knitting addict.

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